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Julia Keleher

Educator, Leader, Executive

About Julia Keleher

Julia Keleher is an engaging educator and dedicated leader who has focused her career on improving the quality of education for all to increase socioeconomic mobility and generate better opportunities. She founded the free program Thought & Voice to help English Language Learners develop and improve their English language verbal and written skills. Julia believes greatly in the power of giving back to her community, operating under the knowledge that if she has the ability to help others, then it’s her responsibility to do so. Julia believes that her accomplishments only matter if they help someone else along their journey, and by giving back, she can more clearly appreciate how beautiful life truly is. She hopes to support other women become the best leaders they can. Julia is an impassioned advocate for equality who works tirelessly to transform failing institutions and systems into more inclusive and just societies. She has a proven track record of helping organizations implement effective strategies and improve their performance. As a natural leader, skilled executive, and passionate change agent, she has the ability to help organizations reach their goals.

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Learning From the Past

The Holocaust was an unprecedented attempt to annihilate a people and a culture. It illustrates the dangers of state-sponsored terror and it provides us a painful lesson on what happens when attitudes of prejudice, discrimination and dehumanization prevail. 2023 provided me with an opportunity to learn more about the Holocaust and explore its impact on humanity. I observed how European  and Latin American commemorated key…

Protecting Prisoners

An April 2023 New York Time article highlighted the decades long pattern of abuses by a Mississippi Sheriff. Reading the article left me disturbed on many levels – but I could not decide which upset me more: the Sheriff’s deplorable behavior or the fact that no one believed the victims. The Times article revealed that it was…

Who’s Responsible for Protecting the Children?

According to Human Rights Watch, over 70 million children around the world work in hazardous conditions in agriculture, mining, domestic labor, and other sectors. Most Americans think this is a problem for other countries.  However, a recent NYT investigation revealed that it’s a significant problem in the United States. Journalists spoke with more than 100 migrant child workers in 20…

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